As you leave.....

We had a good learning time today thanks to Charles. We listened to a sermon on historical worship. Good stuff by Bryan Chappell. As I listened I thought this:

1. Overall we do pretty well in leading people to a time of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, assurance of pardon, instruction and communion.

2. We are blessed to have talented worship leaders, pastors and preachers who really know they need to "present again" the gospel each week in a contextual way.

3. We can do better.

What I mean by that last thought is we should always be striving to worship well and thinking about what brings glory to God and is good for His people.

One area I am really thinking about is the part of service after the preaching of the word. How do we respond? Yes, we sing and we great one another. But I wonder this: Are we convicted to do something? Do we have a strong sense that we are to be different, that we now can change something about our lives to become more like Christ? Are we hungry when we leave, or are we full? Are we longing for change? How about to see the kingdom come and wanting to do our part? Good questions. We hope to explore them a bit in service as we go forward.