We went flat

I am really not telling you this to make you jealous, but, it may. So if you are prone to jealousy, stop reading here.

Last night was the last night of the 14 days of prayer. We gathered at 6p and two "angels" welcomed us with their voices. A mother and a daughter. As they sang I thought, "This is it."

The choices were: sit and pray, kneel and pray, stand and pray or prostrate ourselves before the Lord. You know what we chose. It was the last night, why not be a bit crazy.

There is nothing like it. Flat on your face adoring Him. Flat on your face confessing and wishing you could get lower because you feel the weight of sin. Flat on your face thanking Him with words that seemed to flow from the Spirit. Flat on your face begging, crying out, passionately asking for what you need and want.

Then, and only then, after all that, standing and singing and blessing His name. It was glorious. Tearful. Moving. A first for many. A mark in time.

We worshipped well for two weeks in August 2007. Flat out.

PS: We are going to keep the book of petitions, believing God will answer yes or better.