Worshipping Well in India

Just a short note today from India. The Perimeter Worship and Arts team has ministered well and been ministered to by our brothers and sisters in Mumbai. Two nights we have led worship and seen God work in our hearts and the hearts of others. Two more to go. Tonight: The Youth

We weep for the plight of women, we rejoice in the freedom of worship, we grieve for our home, we are convicted by our sin, we wonder how God works and what He uses to bring healing. We are learning and growing as our hearts expand.

Perhaps it has been a week of summer for you too. You are weeping, or rejoicing or grieving. Let me comfort you in saying Jesus knows and He cares. He does have the whole world in His hands. That has been confirmed and we are called to proclaim it one nation to another. Those in India greet you in the name of the Lord and believe me they pray for you.

I encourage you to pray for the church in India. For maturity, for conversions, for peace, for resources. Blessings