Turn Your Eyes

Our ballet dancers went with me. (We are in London and had been invited to an Arabic Farsi English church plant.) Jeff too. He led a beautiful worship time in English, another man in Farsi and a woman in Arabic. A small gathering but the members noted a few new people wandered in. We did not plan to dance as it was a sensitive area, and we did not want to detract from the ministry.

Out of the sovereign blue the pastor asked me to come and share a bit about what we were doing, then he said, "What about dance? Perhaps you all would do some?"

The girls were ready. In a 4 x 6 foot space they worshipped in dance to "Turn your eyes upon Jesus" You could feel the warmth of Christ. They gently implored all to turn their eyes to Him. The word was preached, Jeff led again, a powerful song.

Today we learned one of the strangers had an encounter of some kind. Apparently he turned his eyes to Jesus for the first time. The pastor is wise enough to pray it is real, there will be fruit of repentance and evidence in the man's life. Would you pray to that end now too?

Maybe you know someone who needs to turn their eyes to Jesus. Perhaps now would be a good time to ask the Lord to dance into their life. By the way, we did too....turn our eyes to Jesus. We looked into His wonderful face again and the things of the world are looking strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.