Sick and counting

As we boarded the flight that would take us to Atlanta, I wondered, "How many more?" Out of 23 people on the trip, we had already had 7 people sick. I mean sick. The stuff you do not want to imagine or talk about.

Two more. Two more would get sick on the last flight. One so sick, we decided to use a wheelchair to get her to her husband.

We have just completed 10 days of ministering through music and dance. First in London then in Mumbai India.

India. It is dirty, disease ridden, and it assaults all your senses. Eyes, ears, touch, throat, stomach and soul. The first five in a negative way and the last in an extraordinarily positive way. Your soul is cleansed when you see the Holy Spirit work, when you see how believers really live by faith, when you experience impassioned prayer and powerfully, exuberant worship. We came back healthier than when we left. All 23.

For those of you who have been on a mission trip, please pray knowing it will be hard for this team to re-adjust. For everyone who reads this blog, thanks for praying. We believe we came back with some wonderful thoughts about how we can both learn more and give more to the world as we worship well with them. We are physically sick and tired, but spiritually strong and healthy.

Maybe the last 10 days have been hard for you. Perhaps things have happened to sicken you. I know a friend who lost her mum. I want to encourage you to look back amidst the falleness of the world and see if you can see the strengthening of your soul through it all.

I am believing God is working in the midst of chaos, sin and death and He has the aim of glorifying Himself and strengthening our hearts as we look to Him. The world may be a dirty place, but he uses even that to clean our hearts. Blessings