Vacation and Holy Days

Today I am wondering about vacation and being "out of office." Don't get me wrong. I think it is worth it, but it does not seem like you get 100% vacation with no cost. In other words for every day out of the office, (say 9 hours worth) when you come back you have an intense hour.

Why? Because other people did not take time off and they are thinking of things for you to do, or have question or work that has to run across your desk, or clothes to be washed, lawns to be mowed etc.

We know Jesus and the twelve never took a holiday that was recorded. As I look at the biblical text it is hard to see "holiday." It is much easier to see holy day. Everyone takes off for that in the Old Testament. I can imagine that after the Passover, Moses did not come back to a desk full of emails. No one wrote any because they all took the Passover with him.

Hmm....sounds like a community instead of a society. I do know that the world will not adopt Christian holy days and that not all Christians will take the holy days. But it helps me to understand a bit.

Not that I am advocating no vacations, I am just wanting to set expectations for myself about the restfulness of a vacation vs a holy day. Blessings