Three Women

I had dinner tonight with three women. My eldest daughter, my wife and my mother in law. Just the four of us. The youngest cooked. The eldest did some thing to get outfits the middle one had purchased ready to pack. The middle one showed the other two some email she had received from a long lost friend. I helped with this and that.

We talked about people, places and things. They talked about a trip the middle one is taking. The youngest and the eldest will help together while the middle one is out of town.

The youngest and the eldest live in the same condominium complex. They are neighbors.

The three work well together, they cook dinner well together, they communicate well together and they love well together. They are three women. Three classy, beautiful women that any man would be delighted to dine with.

I hope, if you are a guy, you have women like these three in your life. If you are a gal, perhaps you are like them, or maybe you have three men like this. If so you are blessed. I am; to have three women. Three women I love. Three women to dine with on a night like tonight.