Spiritual Warfare

Well, I am not going to post a treatise on this subject. I just thought I would make a few comments, because it is so real to me right now. Perhaps they will be helpful, and not raise too many questions. Spurgeon, Edwards, Owens, and other greats, have written much on the subject, so I am going to tread lightly, because I am a lightweight.

1. It is real. There is a continual battle going on. It never takes a break for a holiday.

2. Satan is real and there are things that he attempts to do to harm us (all of which are not outside of the sovereignty of God)

3. The spiritual warfare may be worst within us. The old nature and new nature.

There may be certain times in your life when it is so thick you will be able to taste it. Almost like you had garlic and it is three hours after dinner. That rancid taste in the back of your throat that is palpable. Maybe you have that taste even now.

I have found often that the spiritual warfare stirred up outside my soul somehow attaches to my sin nature. It grips onto the old nature and causes me to act in dark ways. Ways I do not want to act and think.

It is then that the battle rages. Who will save me? Not from this physical body, but from the body of death? From the old man who is dead? Jesus will. He is the one I need to speak of when I say, "My husband will have to address this problem, my husband will have to deal with it."

I do not want to be powerless, but I need to know that warfare is real and strong. I can not defeat it. The warfare within, or without, can not be defeated by me. Jesus has to do it. The Holy Spirit has to be the one called on to prevail. He can conquer me, overpower my old nature and defend me from the attacks of the evil one.

I am foolish to think otherwise, and I will live with much pain if I do not run, flee, fly to the cross and scream as loud as I can "Jesus help me!"