Union with Christ and you and me

I am reflecting today on our union with Christ. Doing a bit of reading I came across Thomas Watson a Puritan. A great article to read on the subject is linked here.

As I read and reflected I thought that it may be harder for men to grasp our marriage to Christ. Watson makes a good point of saying marriage is for co-habitation and fruitfulness. It caused me to think. Do I co-habit with Christ? How do we bear fruit? Deep thoughts for the beginning of a busy week.

I encourage you to read the article because it ultimately talks of how we can be helpful to our sanctification and how not only do we have union with Christ but we are called into the communion of the saints. That means you and I are linked together. Not just in business, as churchmen or even legally. We are in union with Christ together. Deep thoughts about that should have some impact on how I view you, treat you and love you.