God Given and Blessed

Billy Preston was known as the fifth Beatle. He played with them on the album Let It Be, participated in their last roof top concert and he was the only artist to ever be listed on a single with them "Get Back - The Beatles and Billy Preston"

Never heard of him? Check him out on iTunes. He has an intriguing story. I watched the concert for Bangladesh on PBS recently and saw him sing, "That's The Way God Planned It"

"Why can't we be humble,
Like the good Lord said?
He promised to exalt us,
And show us the way.
How can man be so greedy.
When there's so much left?
All things are God given
And they all have been blessed
That's the way God planned it
That's the way He wants it to be"

A good question. It is hard to be humble and not be greedy.

I wonder how you grapple with it. Humility and greed. I find I do not want to be "humbled" but I do want humility. I look at Jesus, and He takes my breath away. He washes feet. He sheds blood. He forgives before we ask for it. He continues to serve us to this very day. He is being exalted and will be more so. He owns it all and He is not greedy. That is the way God planned it. That is the way God wants it to be.

We hope those of you who have downloaded Immortal Invisible by Laura are enjoying it. It is God given, with humility. The link, for those of you who have not, is a few postings below this one.

We encourage you to continue to come, read and reflect. You too are God given and blessed!