More to come, then and now.

There is more where that came from. What? More music and other stuff. (For a free down load, see the post below this one).

We are so enjoying seeing many people come to this site for the first time. This is a blog site dedicated to helping you learn how to worship well. Our hearts desire, and our primary interest, is to enjoy God and give Him praise. We want to help one another turn away from lesser activities and we want to see people live healthier lives. So we write, we discuss, we offer activities, we create music, we develop worship aids and we learn.

Our hope is that, as you come here often, you will learn and you will see us as learners too. Hopefully, we will stimulate your thinking. We do not have all the answers. In fact, we have alot of questions and we are often convicted by our lack of understanding. But, we are trying, we are reading, we are listening and we are asking God to do a further work in our lives.

We share thoughts on this site, and we hope you will share yours so that together we will learn more about the Maker and Creator of the universe. It is a never ending process, and that is good. We will never fully know God, but we can rest in the fact that He fully knows us, and loves us.

There is more to come. More praise yet to be given to Him. The Psalmist says in Psalm 65, "Praise awaits you, O God in Zion; to You our vows will be fulfilled. O You who hear prayer, to You all men will come. When we were overwhelmed by our sins, You forgave our transgressions. Blessed are those You choose and bring near to live in Your courts!"

So we encourage you to draw near and continue to learn about the One who loves you so you can live a healthy life and worship well.