Worship Wells

I have been doing some thinking and plan to write here from time to time on what I am calling worship wells. Of course I had to define seven of them. (Why could it not have been 5 or the square root of 11?) Anyway, I am thinking if we want to worship God we need to not be afraid to go deep in to a "well" so to speak. A well can be dark and scary and it can also be cool and refreshing. To get to the bottom, we need to jump in and perhaps slowly be lowered down on a rope.

Take for example the well that leads to the history of our people. There is much to be seen and experienced as we navigate back in time and get a sense of who we are from where we have been. Or the well of real talk with God. As we plumb to the depth here we may find ourselves scared to say what is really on our mind, or we may find we have been irreverent in our conversation. So the wells I am meditating on are:

1. The well of the Creator's creation
2. The well of the history of our people
3. The well of listening to God through his Word
4. The well of real talk with God
5. The well of music and literature
6. The well of writing and discussing
7. The well of engagement in the world

I think it is easy for me to skip along as a follower of Christ and never "go deep." I am hoping I will pause long enough, from time to time, at least at one of these wells to plunge in and learn what God would have me learn about Him. So, I want to encourage you to think a bit with me if you like and together we may have a discussion on what it means to further worship well. Blessings