Man to Man

Or Woman to Woman.

I had a meeting today with some young men and we talked about an opportunity for them to mentor some other young men who are younger then they are. The guys I met with are in their mid twenties. The guys they will mentor are in their very early twenties. I could tell the guys I met with were excited. A chance to do it. They are ready and full of expectation.

I drove away from the meeting thinking, "What a delight to be part of seeing young men mentor other young men." It is so needed. I am thinking we could start a movement. Young men coming home from college during the summer and being mentored by other young men who are out in the work world. The mentors would have been mentored by older guys in the city during the school year. Guys like me.

I think the same could be possible for young women, and I so think it is needed. That is what happened after Jesus ascended. Some of the young men He had led took on other young men and began to disciple them. We can see it on the Old Testament too. Older men mentoring the younger. All of this may not be news to you. Here is why I write about it. I think it is a challenge to both do well and do do at all.

The temptation is for older to hang with older and for younger to do the same. I think we need to be very intentional to go cross generational and, if we will, we will see God do marvelous things through us and in us. Quality counts. Discipleship material count. Trying it counts.

My joy is to disciple men who disciple men...who will disciple. I would love to encourage all to be discipled and to disciple others who are younger in the faith. Man to Man. Woman to Woman. I think it is a way we do worship well and a way we learn to worship well. Something to think about as we head to the Summer. Blessings