Too Fast?

It seems often that life moves too fast. I don't know how you feel about it but, there are times when I think that I can not catch my breath. Four different family members to interact with, co-workers galore, customers who need attention and the incessant press for quality and for speed. Get things done quickly and right.

There are a slew of magazines to read, books, newspapers, blogs. New music to listen to and digest, news reports to interpret. Then there are longer term projects that need to get down around the house and around your life. When do we do nothing?

Recreation is another source of busyness, planning a vacation, going to a ball game, eating out. It all takes time.

So I am wondering if we should start a "do nothing week." Nah. Maybe a "do nothing day." Maybe like a Sunday. Hmmm that could be a day to rest and relax and enjoy. I could do that every week. How hard would that be? Blessings.