Rick Warren and Humility

I had the pleasure of attending a small conference where Rick spoke. It is the Fermi Project and it was the Q conference here in Atlanta. Many of the speakers were very inspiring. A guy who started a shoe company TOMS, that gives away one pair of shoes for every pair they sell, a guy working to eliminate slavery, a woman working to develop prisoners into entreprenuers. They all had a bit of what Rick spoke of.

Rick said something that stuck with me. He spoke of humility. He reminded me it is the anti-dote to the pride of life.

I think I need to work on it. I am an American. I am a Christian. I am an evangelical. I am....

Part of it I think has to do with being a learner. Part has to do with being a listener and a thinker. Being kind. Civil. Part of it has to do with becoming a aware of injustice, and doing something about it. Part of it has to do with action. Humble people are working for the kingdom.

Underneath all of that, and certainly compelling it, is Jesus. He is more humble then I am. I can learn from Him and listen to Him. He is kind and civil and He does things about injustice.

So I am once again tonight saying I reject the pride of life and embrace humility. May we all continue to learn about the world, people and Jesus. And may we be active. Blessings