Getting Poorer

I am thinking this afternoon about giving. The easy "blog" would be something like this: "Do it because it is the right thing to do, 10% off the top, but do it as a response to what God has done for you. Be compelled by the love of Christ. You will be blessed."

How does that sound to you? Does it move you to do it? Maybe a little bit? Lets take a step back. Perhaps some of you have never given ("Those churches just want your money to spend on God knows what!"). Perhaps you have given out of duty. Maybe it has been delightful. For those of you who have given, here is a question: What happened after you gave? What was the outcome?

Sometimes I have had joy by investing in the kingdom. Often it has been that I just became poorer. Less rich. I had less. No return of "ten fold" on what I gave. No spiritual blessing that was noticeable. I just became poorer. Often it was just routine. We cut a check. Nothing dramatic. We were just poorer for it.

I do not know if that connects for you. But, as I have reflected today I have thought, "That is it! Giving makes me poorer!" Do I need to be poorer? Wrong question. Do I need limits in my life so that I am not totally self absorbed? Better question.

Jesus became poorer. He emptied Himself and set a limit. He gave. He enables me to be like Him because He loves me and I respect Him. I can see through Him that becoming poorer is good and, it is a way for me to be less "self "and more God oriented. It is better and healthier for me to gaze on His beauty then me and my stuff. To do that I become poor. I decrease and He increases.

I won't talk now about rewards to come, because I think that can be a "pat" Christian response too. Jesus was rewarded, but not fully.....not yet. So even though a reward may be in the offing, I wonder if it is better for us to be o.k. with just being a little poorer. That is the antithesis of the American dream. Revolutionary stuff I might say.

I wonder if you might take time and reflect on giving. Examining our state of poorness could be worthwhile. WorshipWell