Tax Time

Now that Easter is over you can begin to work on your taxes. Yes, they are due next week. Even though I do not relish preparing taxes, it is much easier then it use to be. In the old days it was a booklet with a lot of forms that seemed to be confusing. Now it is a matter of working on a computer and filing electronically.

That is where my problem started. I filed electronically and the computer/IRS kicked back the transmission saying that one of us had been claimed as a dependent on somebody else's return. Now I am trying to sort it out. You can imagine. Calling the 1 -800 IRS number, listening to music on hold, finding out their computers are down, calling back etc. It is still unresolved.

But, as we often say, "All of life is worship!" so here is the thought that came to mind. Someone else may have claimed one of my dependents as their dependent. But my dependents are dependent on me. Anyone else who wants to claim that honor is wrong. I know the cost for having a dependent, and whoever falsely claimed them did not bear it. So I will get this sorted out. Then, this thought:

We are His dependents. If someone else has a claim on us, it is false. If we claim to be independent, we are fooling ourselves. He knows the cost for us to be His dependents. No one else could have borne it. So today I am knowing I will sort out my IRS issues and I am remembering to check the box "dependent" when it comes to my relationship with Christ. Often times I have checked it otherwise. That causes the Holy Spirit to make a call and He does not like to be put on hold to listen to music.

So as you prepare your taxes, I encourage you to check the right boxes and make sure you remember whose dependent you are. Blessings