Now For Something Completely Different

The boys from Monty Python used to say that as they abruptly switched from one comedy sketch to something else. This blog is that in a sense.

That is what my wife said to me 25 years ago about ballet. I just did not get it. Men in tights, Tu-Tu's for girls, no words, no guns and fight scenes. What is the point? Well I have learned it is pointe not point. And ballet is rich. I sat in yesterday on a warm up session for the girls who are dancing in Copellia this weekend. It was a spiritual experience. To watch these young ladies move as one to the beat of, "The deep love of Jesus" was an experience.

You can not get in to a rehearsal. It was a rare treat. But you can come to Copellia this weekend. 2p and 7p Saturday at Wesleyan's Theater (which is an amazing space). 3p Sunday. Tickets at the door. Now that I have promoted a bit, let me share my heart.

1. I am thinking we need to promote the arts. We were created to create.

2. We need to promote women in ministry. This production is led by women, even though there are four or five male dancers (they make me want to get a personal trainer, but that is another story)

3. We need to see the gospel in addition to hearing it. Dance is helpful to that end. This production has a storyline too. A lesson learned about idol worship vs true love.

So, some of you may want to come along. By the way, if you have been to another ballet I would say, "Me too" I saw Sleeping Beauty...it put me to sleep. Nutcracker, not bad. Copellia? Having seen it I can say it has a storyline you can follow. A good story backed by people who have a heart to reveal Him to the nations. Maybe invite a neighbor? Just for something completely different. Blessings