A new God?

I wonder if we can admit it. Were we looking for a new God this week? Not one who is more powerful or who can stop atrocities. But one who will explain Himself. I took a glance around. There is no other.

No other God stepped up and said to me, "I want to explain my actions." So I am concluding that if there was another God with the desire to explain, He both could and would. There isn't. So what are we to do? He will not tell us when the violence will stop. Perhaps because He is everlasting. He will not ask us to defend Him. In fact He is the defender. So we are left with not much to say. No questions that will be answered. We are left.

Peter said, "Who else would we go to?" Agreed. There is no one else. We can hate this, we can feel like we deserve answers, we can even shake a fist, but to no avail. He has created all things and decreed all. So I think we are left with despair or hope. And it may well be the choice. Hope does not disappoint. So I can say I do not like it and at the same time my religion allows me to say I accept it. And I believe He knows better then I do. So I hope in Him, not the circumstances around me.

There is no one else for me. None but Jesus. Blessings