But God?

"But Scripture declares that the whole world is a prisoner of sin..." That is what Paul tells the Galatians. I have been reflecting on that this week in light of the mass killings at Virgina Tech. We are prisoners of "sin." It is as if it has a grip on the people of this planet and will not let go. I am sure you can think of a dozen "random" acts of violence on this scale along with countless private atrocities such as rape, child abuse etc. It is a dark world.

Now, you might think the next line should begin with, "But God..." or "Through Christ...." But what if it did not? What if that first paragraph stood alone. No, "But God...." What would become of us? How would we react, what would we do? Would we be worse or better? How would we go forward?

What is said and written is less important than what is. Even those who do not believe or acknowledge God are created in His image. He is the creator and His creation may be frustrated, but it is His creation. Regardless of whether we say, "But God..." God. When Moses asked Him for a name He said, IAM. he does not need extra copy.

So I find myself this week not needing to defend Him. Not needing to explain how He could let this happen. He does not need it and I do not do a very good job of it anyway. He is. The shepherd. The gate. The truth. The resurrection. Those who perish in Christ will rise again as second sons and daughters. He has made a way. Eternity has been written in our hearts.

All this not to say He does not hate it. He will punish for it. He grieves for them. And He is. I grieve too. Blessings