A European Education

A little philosophical thinking today. I heard a man speak recently about the difference between a European and American university education. 'American education moves towards finding and answer. European education moves towards finding a better question.'

So I am thinking about that. I do not think there is a right and wrong. There is a difference in general and we all would say both systems do move towards the other's sweet spot. Europeans do want answers and Americans do want to know better questions.

What about Christians? Might we tend to have a tendency towards one or the other? I know I like to find answers. Sometimes, when I take a deep breath, I go looking for better questions. I think looking for better questions takes time. I wrote the other day about giving. In that blog I asked, "Does Jesus want me to be poorer?" Then I went on to ask a better question. I did not solve the problem.

So perhaps you might ponder a bit on this today. If you find yourself just asking questions, try and do some problem solving. Always looking for an answer? Think about some new questions. In either case, seek God and enjoy you worship well.