Mr Shust

He is Aaron to me. Recipient of three Dove awards last night! Makes me "proud." I boast not in him but in Him. He would agree. So we rejoice!

What could be next? More Doves? A Grammy? Who knows. I know a couple things. This young man will go home and love his wife well. He will father his son well. He will sin and repent from time to time. He will read the book. He will continue to learn and he will be humble. I am confident of all of that.

He will release a new CD in June, he will lead worship at Perimeter in a few weeks, he will write more songs. He will lead his band well. He will influence.

I am sure there is more. But that is enough to get the idea. He will lead a life worthy of the calling. And twenty five years from now he will be writing about a young man that he knows. Could be named Daniel, Mark, Joshua or Samuel. A man who has been discipled, a man who has matured, a man who has been influenced by others in the kingdom. He will see the surety of the continuation of the kingdom in the next generation. He will see another man who worships well.