Repentance and Lost and Steve Brown

Even if you do not watch Lost, I want to encourage you to take a look at ABC.

The episode this week carried a scene that so well depicted repentance and forgiveness. A man had tortured a woman and years later she identified him in Paris. Her husband captured the man and began to beat him, tied him up and wanted him to admit it. He would not.

Next scene: The woman comes into the room where the torturer is. She asks him to give her respect by at least admitting he did it. He breaks down and does. He says he is sorry trough tears. She forgives him.

He asks, "How? How can you forgive?" and she explains. (I will leave that part for you to watch.) Suffice it to say, she sees the evil within herself. Then she does a remarkable thing. She says, "When my husband comes back I will tell him I made a mistake. You are not the man." She was ready to treat the torturer as if it never happened. He did do it. He scalded her arms with burning oil. She was ready to act like it never happened. She bore the cost.

A glimpse of the gospel. So who do you need to forgive today? To whom do you need to repent? I can tell you one thing for sure. Jesus forgives. He knows the evil in men's hearts and He is willing to forgive as if it never happened. We are called to forgive them their debts as we are forgiven.

This weekend Steve Brown is with us. He will share a bit about Mary and Martha. Come and enjoy with us, be convicted of your need, repent and come to the place where you will find nourishment for your soul. You are welcome. You are forgiven.