Dogs and life

Our dog does have cancer, worse then we thought. We are pro life, so we will pray and do what we can. We want her to be happy, not miserable. I have to say the thought of euthanasia is a hard one or us to wrestle with even for a dog. Does that sound silly? We did euthanize our cat years ago. That was hard.

Where does pro-life end? If I had dog health insurance would the questions be as hard? I do have to ask myself why that matters. Is it stewardship? Is it different for animals? We know they do not have souls but that is not the question.

Societal norm would say, if they are miserable and hurting we should end their suffering. Should we not sedate them and let them go "naturally." I wonder how people with an assisted suicide mindset would respond to Christians on this issue. Some Christians would say the biblical injunction is against taking a human's life. Would those with a different worldview call us to task here?

I do know we are stewards here. We are stewards of animals and plants and the earth and the water supply etc. God has not said, "Trash the earth, forget animals, save souls!" I think He has created and we are called as part of creation to tenderly care for what, as well as who, has been entrusted to us. People first. Souls first. Even at some expense to the environment. But I am thinking we can do better with how we shepherd creation including animals.

On the other hand maybe the Schlichting family is just in a grieving mode here.....over reacting. She is a dog. On the other hand.....she is a lovingly created dog.