Daughter and Donuts

I met my daughter at a donut shop today for breakfast. I got there early and had a cup ahead of time as I perused the Word. I love time like that.

As I sat there, people came and went. One young dad came in and sat down near me with his daughter and his son. She was maybe 3 and he was 5. They had milk and donuts. Dad fiddled with his PDA as they ate.

All of a sudden the little girl said, "I need to go potty." "OK" said the dad. He said to the son, "You have to go with us, I can not leave you at the table alone." The son protested. The father leaned in and quietly but firmly explained the "why" of having to go with them and off they went.

Having had three girls, I can appreciate the young man's point of view and I can sympathize with the Dad too. Girls need to go to the girl's bathroom. I am glad Dorothy took the girls 90% of the time. The few times I had to it was uncomfortable taking them to the men's room. But they had to go and Mom was not around. So I went with them.

No real point to that story other then it reminded me of days when I had small kids.