It is good to have them. Great actually. I have some. I hope you do. Friends are people who will rally around you when times are hard. They are also people who will slip into your life when times are normal. They add energy and hope. They comfort. They do not have to say much. They can just hang and it is good.

I don't want to single out friends I have. I think it would embarrass them. What is very cool to me though is when a young man I have discipled becomes a friend. I never start a d-group that way. In fact just the opposite. I tell the guys I am not going to be their friend. I am their coach. Inevitably, some of the guys get close and we become friends. I am in a highly unusual situation now with my group. These are guys that I would want to be pall bearers if I die this year. Friends.

One came up to me today and mentioned something he had done because of his love for me. His concern for my voice. That is a friend. Another mentioned he wants to go where I am going in the Fall and a third took some advice I gave about future plans. Another called me and blessed me by our conversation. I could go on.

Steve said it well today. Love is defined by the one loved. I am loved. And you know, underneath it all, around it all and through it all I see Jesus. He is the One compelling these guys to be my friend. To love me well as they worship Him. And He calls all of us friend.