The Worst Chapters in the Bible

Judges 17 through 21 may be the worst chapters in the bible. I don't mean they are poorly written, I mean they are horrific. The sin of man against man at its worst. Rape, murder, idols, brother killing brother, stealing of women into forced marriages. It is sickening. No doubt if it was turned into a movie it would be R rated, or whatever is above that these days.

A theme runs through the chapters. "In those days Israel had no king" (17:6, 18:1, 19:1, 21:25). After the death of Samson literally all hell breaks loose. It is a world seemingly out of control. The depravity of man is clearly seen and the book ends with ".......everyone did as he saw fit."

As I read that this morning, I thought about the world today. Not as bad as that. How about the people of God? Not that bad. Me personally? Certainly not! Then I thought this: We could be. If the hand of God was lifted just a little bit from our souls. If He withdrew just a little bit we would do this and worse. What stops Him from doing that? He could look down and see we really aren't doing very well. We are still using our free will for our freedom. What stops Him? Answer: Jesus, sometimes.

Near the throne of God we have and Advocate. Better then Moses was for his people, or Abraham for Lot, or Samuel, or any other prophet. He is the perfect priest, who lives and pleads for us.

Having said that, I want to encourage us not to take it for granted. Be grateful. And work out your salvation. The inclination to sin has consequences as James teaches us. The Father and the Son may be in agreement, from time to time, to let wickedness reign. God is King, but He may not force the issue at which point we will be like the Israelites.

Some helpful signs: Cling to Godly people and the Godly Word. Jesus can often be found there, and He will shelter you from yourself. Talk it out. Share where you struggle. Hiding it is like not lancing a boil. It will get inflamed and infected. Desperate? Don't know where to go? Afraid? Call me. Call us. Call someone. Doing so is a sign to you that you do have a King. Blessings