News Headlines!

I have been thinking about the newspaper today. Sometimes in my life I am "making the news." Some times I am reading the news. The wise person I think should know when he is making it and when he is just suppose to be reading it. Confusing those two can be painful. Sometimes I am just writing copy.

When I am shepherding someone I will ask them as they tell their story to give me a newspaper headline. "Husband does not listen!" "No one respects me!" "I have no hope!" The headlines have been numerous over the years. As I ask the person to "pen" the story with some sub headings, we begin to make progress. "Last night, again, my wife interrupted me as I was talking about my day" might come under the sub heading of "At Home" under the news story of "No one respects me!"

Often I find people are looking for action stories. The end of their article runs along the lines of "Now do something someone!" "She has to change!" "The kid needs severe discipline now!"

Most of the time, I encourage people that the news does not have to be acted on this moment, unless the news is "Danger! Fire!" (someone being abused or in danger) It can often be digested. It can be re-read. It might even gain some clarity of copy over time. A new paragraph might be added, given time. Perhaps Jesus will make the final edition.

The lead story is "Jesus redeems that which was lost!" The sub headlines are "Randy" "Tom" "Charlotte" and the copy includes the story of Him gently calling us to Him in the midst of the chaos we know and see around us. Pain is real for many, changes and actions may have to be taken, and Jesus redeems. So I am encouraged to read, to write and to think about the copy of the stories that are before me, including my own. Lord, give us wisdom to know when to act and how to act. Blessings!