End Times

It was a joy. I had a conversation tonight with my daughter about the end times. She has graduated from college and started her first job this week. She will be moving out soon. We are in the end times. So we are thinking about where she goes from here, how she should plan and budget etc. As a conservative, I encouraged her to stay here for a bit and have some bread in her pocket when she leaves. So we are planning in these end times. That was not the conversation we had tonight in total though. We talked about the end times.

First a parenthetical point of pride. For a father to be able to be asked questions about the bible and engage in a conversation with an inquisitive, bright, articulate, God seeking daughter is a joy. Beyond words. So we talked about Matthew 24 and Revelation 6 and the book of Daniel and the Left Behind books. It was engaging. Then she went to go babysit. (Save that money!!) and I thought, these are the end times.

It is hard for us to put those lenses on isn't it. The end times. Jesus has come once. He only has one more appearance to make. His kingdom is coming. Eventually the last elect person will be born, the Holy Spirit will apply the work of redemption, the last martyr will be slain and He will come. Perhaps someone we know will be that martyr. I mentioned that to my daughters tonight. I said, "Maybe it will be me!" They laughed. "Yes Dad, and we will scatter your ashes on the banks of Loch Lomand!" Maybe.....if I am not the last martyr. Maybe one of my daughters will be. Who knows?

Jesus says, "No one knows about that day or hour"

Tonight I am encouraging myself to live in light of he fact that we are in the end times. And to be thankful I have daughters who care about it. Blessings.