Grace is Enough?

Does that ring true to you? Grace is enough? It is. His grace is sufficient. Sometimes you may find yourself longing for something more, because you think grace is not enough, and that theological truth does not help. Examples: You have been rejected and it hurts, you sinned and you feel guilty, you can not seem to communicate with someone and you are isolated. You long for comfort, affirmation, forgiveness, and intimacy. Is His grace enough then? How does grace help?

This is no sleight of hand blog. No tricks. All of those feelings and longings are contained under the umbrella of grace. I am thinking the reason we want something other then grace is that we do not see God as over all things. If you are wanting intimacy, that is grace. Not found in grace. That is grace. If you long for forgiveness, that is grace. Not found in grace. That is grace. In other words, we need to be reminded that His grace is what we find ourselves in. It is common and it is special. Common grace covers you as you walk, breathe, emote and communicate. Special grace enables the Lord to cover those who believe. It is indeed special.

All that may sound a bit awkward. So what? I think that it may be worth meditating on. If all things are under the rule and reign of Jesus, then perhaps I need to go deep from time to time and wrestle with my feelings to see them as under His rule and reign. That gives me hope, that He who is in me has not abandoned me with out grace to muddle along. His grace is ever present. Blessings