I have never written about golf before but I read a brief article today about how Tiger Woods' streak of PGA wins came to and end. Here is the report from CNN:

"Only after Woods struck his putt did he notice the ball mark he neglected to repair, which he said caused the ball to bump slightly off line to the right and slide by the cup. One hole later, O'Hern made a 12-foot par putt that sent Woods home without a trophy on the PGA Tour for the first in more than seven months. Woods is such a master of the minutiae that when he arrived Monday afternoon at The Gallery, he fretted over a new putter grip being off by the tiniest fraction. Four days later, he failed to fix a ball mark that cost him dearly."

I thought, "A ball mark unnoticed can cost the match" Something so small and simple that even the best player in the world muffs. We can sometimes really think someone is approaching perfection. Then we see their humanity. Even in our own lives, some of us have a tendancy to think we are close to perfect in certain areas. No need to look for a ball mark, is there?

Not so with God, even though we often think so. God never misses a ball mark or things that are much more significant. Forget that and you will grumble at God, accusing Him of being neglectful.

So, what is our responsibility? To look for ball marks and to worship the One who sees them all, repairs the ones that have to be repaired and permits us to miss the mark so we can see our imperfection and our need for Him.