Are men a group?

My friend Crystal sent this to me.

From the BBC

I bet it broke her heart as she read it.

The world is messy and dirty and women are abused. Let me go a hard step forward. We men should be more ashamed then we are. Our gender has abused another gender. If men were all white and women were all a different race, people might see the issue in a clearer light. But for some reason we can not get our hands around, or as a gender take responsibility for it.

When I accept my identity as being in a group, I can then talk about what is good that "we" do and what is bad. "Men" as a group do some good things, and some bad things. Men as a group need to deal with it.

Perhaps we need to have a movement that helps men identify themselves as in the group called "men." Sounds funny. But perhaps if we did, we would own this issue. If I was in a Neighborhood Association and I found out it included people who were doing obscene things, I would want to take actions. Love them, protect the helpless and cause change. I would not want to be part of a group that just did not notice.

Are men a group?