Learning and Helping Globally

If you are coming to service this weekend (or not) and reading this before, can I encourage yout to call out the names of the partners we serve with before the Lord? India, China, Thailand, Tanzania, Guatemala, Poland, Central Asia, Arab World. You may know some of the people, or maybe you do not, but in any case, as you come today or tomorrow can you just ask God to bless them and bless us as we both learn from them and help them.

We Learn: By going and seeing what God is doing without man's resources.

We Help: By praying that they would be protected as each of them are in countries where Christians are a miniscule minority

We Learn: By hearing how people are coming to faith and churches are being established

We Help: By lending the theological background God has given us as a way to help a ministry think deep

We Learn: By seeing men and women who are serious and give much of their time to the furtherance of the gospel

We Help: By giving to those who go

We Learn: By gaining and understanding that the gospel is not English or American

We Help: By sponsoring a child who needs food, water and education

I am sure there is much more, probably on the learning side then the helping side. We are blessed to know friends in high places in the kingdom! They pray for us. Lets pray for them as we come! Blessings