One out of seven

If I told you that was my batting average, you would say I could not be a major leaguer. That is about a .145 average. Not good enough to stay in the game. Now, if I told you that out of every seven times I play the lottery (I don't) I win, you would think that was amazing. More then good enough. Great!

Our friend George Verwer shared seven global problems that he believes Christians should be active in. Aids, at risk children, abused women, clean water, extreme poverty, the environment and the unborn. As I listened I was overwhelmed and I thought, "How can I help?" and at the same time I repented for my lack of action.

On Sunday afternoon as I reflect a bit more I am thinking 1 out of 7 would be great, in fact, major league. For me to choose one of the seven areas to gain an interest in. God moved in my heart a bit to that end in service and now I need to read, and study and pray. But I think I know which one.

That may be a good process for you. It is easy to be overwhelmed, guilty and then move to inertia. I liked George's story about the boy on the seashore throwing starfish that had washed up on the beach back into the ocean. He did not get them all back in, but the ones he did counted. We may be called to be those who count well as we serve and worship the One who came to rescue us. Before we made the call He came. That is amazing grace.

Last thought: Jesus really is the good Samaritan and He calls us to be like Him, mindful that He rescued us when we were dead and He continues to minister to us. So I am going to start looking for people on the side of the road. I pray God would give me eyes to see and courage to help. Blessings