Wet and Cold

Our house does not have an "open floorplan" and today I am glad. I am inside in my small den and the fire heats it nicely. My wife is right in saying we should be frugal and keep the heat turned down. So the rest of the house is frosty. Outside it is worse. Cold and wet. But in the house I can close some doors, put some logs in the fireplace and heat the room joyfully. It is warm. The dog likes it too, she curls up close to it on her mat and I sit on the couch writing and thinking.

I am thinking that sometimes we need a place that is smaller that we can go to so we can get warm. Quiet. Soft. Warm. A place to feel safe. A place where there is a good place to sit. The world has hardships and danger and difficulties. We need a safe harbor. In the spiritual realm there is only one: Christ. All other ground really is sinking sand. So as I sit in my den I want to enter into His presence.

Who knows what will happen this week. New job? Lose a loved one? Decide to go to school? A kid learns to walk or talk? A myriad of things can happen that can leave you feeling cold and damp. A wise man knows that he needs a place to go to get warm and dry.

I am not a pessimist. But I do know that life can wear you down unless you have a re-chargable battery. That is what Sunday is for, and personal worship times, and a discipleship group. A time to enter into a room and sit by the Fire. Perhaps today, or this week you will note that you are cold and wet and you will want to build a fire. I encourage you to do so. To spend time in a place and with a Person who cares and can warm your heart, love your soul and restore what has been hurt. He may also gently remind you of your contribution to the coldness out there (you knew I would get to this part.) It is ok to be reminded in a gentle way of your need for confession even while you are being loved just as you are and you are drying off. So I am going to put another log on the fire and enjoy and listen and pray. Blessings