2 or 200?

I learned recently that George Mueller who ran orphanages in Bristol England read through the bible 200 times. 200. If he started when he was 10 and lived to be 80 that would be about three times per year. Every year. Wow.

I began a read through the bible in a year "program" in January. It has been rich and what has been good is that I have read the bible before, so when I come across passages like the ten commandments in Exodus 20, I know the story. I have read it before and I am being reminded. A cool thing about the bible is that it is living and active so I uncover new truths each year as I read through it. I am wondering if I should "speed up" a bit. Three times a year! Wow. He must have really loved the Word and He must have really known it.

I am not sure where you are at on this. No guilt trip intended. I met a man the other day who had never fully read through the bible. Listen, this is the most important set of books (66) ever assembled. They are worth studying at least once. Maybe twice...maybe 100 times...or 2oo. I am energized to jump in and read. As Ravi Zakarias once said "to submit myself to a large torrent of the words of God." I think it will be good. So I encourage you to come on. Read! Blessings