No Belt

I have an old Volvo. I got in it today after an early morning coffee and the seat belt would not pull out. I was only 1000 yards from my office and only had to cross one street, but I must admit I was a bit panicked. I thought, "What if I get in an accident or if a policeman sees me? Should I drive?" I started going through the parking lot tugging on the seat belt and it finally popped loose and I buckled up.

I am so used to wearing a seat belt. I felt naked and unsafe without it and at great risk. Well you know where I am going here: Ephesians 6. Yes we are to "put on" some stuff everyday. You can read it here. The idea is that we are in a spiritual war and we need to be ready and prepared with the right equipping. Mind you, it is not a "get tough to win" idea. It is a "put on Christ" idea. And we should feel naked and vulnerable when we do not put it on, or notice we left Him behind.

Many days I leave home, get in the car and have not buckled up spiritually. I should get a ticket. Many days I have an accident and I am not prepared so I wound others or myself. So tonight I am reminded to put it on and check the buckle before I head out into the day.

I think I could consider myself well dressed even "Sunday best" to worship well with the armor of the Lord on. Worth considering. Maybe some could give thoughts on how to "dress for success." Blessings