Wednesdays in the World - Boise St. and the Unfailing Will of God

If you were anyone in the world this past Monday, Jan. 1... then you were watching the Fiesta bowl. Boise St. vs. Oklahoma. Now, if you haven't seen this game - you missed quite possibly the best bowl game ever (with the exception of the BCS title game last year - but just because that was for the title...). If you have it on TiVo or something and are planning on watching it later... STOP READING NOW! Because here is what happened:

Boise St. wasn't supposed to win. They were supposed to get trounced by a bigger, better, faster, stronger, more talented, richer, better coached, big name Oklahoma. But Boise had faith. And Boise won. Even when all seemed lost. Even when every time the Sooners touched the ball they scored points... No one thought they would. But they did. Boise pulled out the ole' statue of liberty fake, tricked all of Oklahoma, and got into the end zone. The guy who scored the winning point even proposed to his girlfriend (a Boise cheerleader... of course) on the sideline after the game and she said yes. It doesn't get better than that.

Now - this was a nail biter. I was standing on my couch. My wife woke up (this is 1:30am) People all over the country were freaking out over this game. Especially the last play - the 2 point conversion. This was it - win or lose - this was the play. Everyone's on edge... but.... the Boise coach. If you saw the broadcast, he was chillin' in the sidelines laughing. He couldn't have looked more relaxed. He was joking and looking all content to be resting the whole bowl game on a 2-point conversion in overtime.

If that were me - I wouldn't have taken the risk in the first place - But if that were me... I'd have my eyes closed and I would be hiding under the bench.

After the game they interviewed the coach. They asked him about why he was so confident in making risky calls. He simply replied "Because we knew it would work." He was relaxed because in his mind - that last play had already worked. They had already won...

Now - I live my life biting my nails over every point scored. I get upset when my enemies have victories - and I doubt my play calling skills. But here's the deal - the Boise coach has bigger faith than I do - he knows when the victory is won. See - God has already won the victory - that was that whole Jesus thing a while back. Now - he's just chillin' on the sideline laughing it up. No matter how many apparent victories are won by the other team.

I long for the faith of Boise St. - not so I can win a football game - but so I can live expecting my God to win in dramatic fashion, to run over and wed its bride, the church, in celebration. If I watched that game again - I would never break a sweat - because I know the outcome. The bible tells us the outcome of all time - our team wins.

So I'm thinking about that this week. And I'm thinking that I should relax a bit. And I'm thinking that I should paint my chest for my team and make a sign that says "Undefeated - Still Number 1!". And I'm thinking that I shouldn't be so very concerned over what seems to be a loss, but in reality is just another bit of evidence that God deserves all the glory for the win.