Move that bus

I caught the last few minutes of Extreme Home Makeover last night. As most would know, the family that owns a house in need of "repair" leaves for a week while the team completely re-makes their house. When they return in a limo they pull up to their new house but a bus is blocking their view.

Once the crowd has welcomed them home, they all turn to face the bus. They want it out of the way as fast as possible. So they all yell together, "Move that bus!" The reaction as they see their new house can bring tears to your eyes. They are overwhelmed, overjoyed, ecstatic. It is their new home.

As I watched it last night, my thoughts drifted off to heaven, our new home. There is a bus in the way, isn't there? It is called "this life." For those of us in Christ, it is just a "bus" between us and our new home. And that home is not a "house" it is Christ. Our home will be with Him and it will be infinitely better then any extreme makeover.

So, should we be saying, "Move that bus!" I would say so, in terms of us wanting Christ to come back now. He is the only one who can move the bus and He will determine if that is through His coming or our going. Either way, we in Christ will be overwhelmed, overjoyed and ecstatic.

In the mean time He has done and is doing a work on this side of the bus to create hearts in us to long for that side while waiting patiently. In the meantime we might as well interact with the crowd a bit. Blessings