Disney Again

A friend of mine came back from a Disney trip over the holidays. He said it was amazing. There were 1,000,000 people in the parks when they were there and my friend said they were treated like royalty. Friendly helpful people everywhere. Clean. Organized. Great systems. Even when something went wrong, they were great. In his case, a key card to the room did not work correctly and it took them a few tries to get it right. As "compensation" they started his park passes over from scratch, effectively giving him many free days.

Get this. He was so impressed that he has decided he wants to work for Disney. Now what does that have to do with worship? Well I got to thinking that I wonder what it would be like if people looked at our community and first of all had a great experience as they interacted with us and second of all, if that experience was so good they would want to join us?

I know the Holy Spirit has to work AND I know we are called to pray and work too. So I am thinking about my presence tonight. How attractive am I to the world? How much is the fragrant aroma of Christ seeping from my pores as I serve and love? Would others want what I have?

As a closing thought, I know that God must do a work and that the reality is they are drawn to Him not me. But Christ is in me. I have been crucified and I no longer live. Christ lives in me. So I bear the name of Christ and I am called to fill up what is lacking in His afflictions.

Just some food for thought tonight. And I do want to go out tomorrow, shine the light and let the whole world see. I need Him to change me more and I need to wake up and remember I am a member (not of the Disney cast), but of the kingdom of God. Blessings