Petition the Queen

I got this today from Andrea Williams in London.

It is a petition to the Queen asking her to ensure freedom of religion for Christians. It "reminds" her (The Queen) of the oaths she took and encourages her to act in accordance with them. It says things like, "We ask that your Majesty use your power and position, according to your coronation oath, to cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed on all your judgments."

Very cool I thought, being able to petition a Queen. Somehow writing to the President does not have the same weightiness. When we lived in Saudi Arabia we petitioned the King there. It is fascinating to know you are asking the soveriegn one. The one who has power to do it.

Andrea's petition reminded me of the great prayers/petitions of the bible (except in lacks confession). The imagery of citizens petitioning the Monarch is rich. I thought I might sign the petition, to support Andrea, then I remembered I am not a citizen of the U.K. She is not my Queen.

He is Our King however, and we can petition Him to fulfill his oath to "maintain the true profession of the gospel and use His power and position to cause Law, Justice, in Mercy, to be executed on all his judgements"

That brought me to the prayer of Daniel (Chapter 9). I will speak more of it as we enter into a new series called Standing Firm in a Fallen World. Blessings