The Mall, Dylan and Clive

I went shopping today. 30 minutes in the mall. Christmas shopping done. (My wife shops for the kids and others) And she tells me what to get for her. (I always keep the receipt and I always get a little surprise)

So I am walking along with Bob Dylan in my head. A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall. "What have you seen my blue eyed son?" And I am looking at people walking, talking and looking. Then I see an old man sitting. You know the story. The wife or daughter is shopping and he was nice enough to go along. He seems content. He has what he wants, even though it may not be where he wants it.

As I continue to walk on I think, "What is this really all about?" Buying gifts one for another. That in and of itself is not bad. Santa Claus may be a good guy too. Men need a job at Christmas.

I got what I needed....and I wanted a bit more...for myself...maybe an LCD TV? Surround Sound for the den? I called my wife and she wisely said "Lets talk."

I thought, "I could buy everything here...and I would want something else" Clive was right. We are not made for this world. We will not be satisfied except in Christ. So I look forward to this weekend. To worshipping Him with people who know this world is not enough. Blessings