My dog could die

We have a dog named Grace. We love her. I love her. Today I took her to the vet. The vet said she may have a cancerous tumor. Maybe it is just an infected paw, maybe they will just amputate her toe, maybe the leg, maybe (if it is malignant) she will have to go through radiation, chemo etc. Maybe she will not make it.

She is the kind of dog who has always been nice. Friendly. Happy. Glad to see me when I come home. Loves to go on walks. Pees and poops almost on command when it is cold outside. A good dog. She comes upstairs with me often if I go to bed early. And she waits for me often if I am the last one down in the morning. A good dog.

I am not going to compare her to a human or over spiritualize this. What I will say is that she is a good dog and I love her and I pray God might spare her so we have her around for a few more years. We will do what we can, but it really is in God's hands. All creatures of our God and King. He rules over animals as well as humans. He knows the number of their days too. He knows the number of hairs on Grace's body.

So we will wait and see. Perhaps the Lord will heal. I do not see anything wrong with praying for a dog's healing. That could give glory to God. So I do. Blessings.