100 and Keys, and Roots

This is the 100th post since we started Worship Well. That really means nothing, but I thought I would mention it. Our heart has been and is to learn a bit (journaling does that for me) and also to be helpful to others as they meditate on what it means to worship well.

So, we find ourselves coming up this weekend to the second Sunday in Advent. Bob will lead us as Randy preaches. Bob will help us responsively declare the Jesus is the Root and the Key. As I have thought about that this week, I have focused on the key shutting out and letting in. That is real power. When you hold the key to the door, gate, drawbridge you decide who gets in and who does not. It is a good note that if you are not well grounded, you may play favorites, or try and get something from those who want in.

Jesus does not play favorites. Nothing can cause Him to do so. He chooses of His own will for His glory, based on nothing we say or do. He opens and we enter. That is good news. I do not think I could convince Him to let me in. Especially because he would know my motivation, whatever story I made up. Especially because I need part 2 of Randy's message on coveting. And especially because I would not be able to say anything. I would just be able to point to Him, the one who holds the key. Blessings