My daughter graduated from college today. I am sad and glad. It brought a tear to my eye to see our oldest graduate. She may even move out of town to take a job. Very :(

And it was great. It was one of those "firsts." We had never had a child graduate before, so we did not know what to expect. It was delightful. A great ceremony, a great work accomplished and a great deal to thank God for. Teachers were thanked, parents were thanked, those who supported the students were thanked. Students realized they did not get there on their own. They had help.

I thought as I sat there, "There will be many more ceremonies to come." For those who are in Christ, the ceremonies get richer. Now before you write me off as a prosperity theologian, let me explain: we will be around for a long time. Forever. And each day we get closer to heaven and we are progressing down the pathway of sanctification. That is good.

One day those in Christ will graduate. I wonder what the ceremony will be like. I know it will be a first for us all and I am sure it will be delightful. By no work of our own will we be standing and we will give thanks to the One who made it not just possible, but eternally certain.