Wednesdays in the World - Why I Want to Want

Last week the Playstation 3 debuted. If you don't know what that means, well, you're not missing that much. It's basically a hugely anticipated video game system. And I mean hugely anticipated. Witness below people camping out at a Best Buy eight days (that's 8!) early to get in line.

This was 8 whole days before it was available. Seriously.

There are two basic ways to react to this:
1. Those guys are nuts. I mean, it's a video game.
2. I really envy them.

For me, it's both 1 and 2. You see these guys quit their jobs, lied, put it before relationships, health, comfort, b.o., etc. just for a chance to spend $600 on a hunk of plastic. (Yes, it really costs $600.) So they are certifiably nuts. However... something about this makes me think about what Peter and some other fishermen would say if you walked up with a video camera. "So, Peter, aren't you supposed to be fishing?", "Well, this guy said to follow him. So we quit our jobs and gave up everything for a chance to hang out with him." Peter, you are nuts. You might as well as left your fishing job for a video game.

You see, I'm actually jealous that those guys know what they want, gave up stuff for it, and they're living for what they believe. It's very evident - they are disciples. They aren't worried about people making fun of them, they aren't worried about food (there's a biblical allegory for you...); as grey-shirt-dude says, "We're getting a PS3." I wish it were that clear. These guys have worship down.

Me? Most of the time I'm either not in line, or I'm like that last guy in the video. Number 10 in line with only 6 games to buy. I saw some other dudes sold out for their cause, and I jumped on the band wagon. But I'm not really dedicated.

So - they're nuts for sure, but I envy them. Peter was nuts too.