First Two Lengths

I went to my daughter's swim meet today. In a race she was not in I noticed this: Two girls, 500 meters (that is twenty lengths of the pool). They swam the same speed, stroke for stroke, all the way except for the first two lengths. The girl in lane three pressed harder the first two lengths and she established a 6 foot lead. She held that exact lead the rest of the way. For the next 18 lengths she held the exact same lead.

So, both girls swam just as fast for all but a short way and one came in first. I wonder what you think about that. We should not read into this a "try harder" even though there are times when we can and should. It made me think that two girls swam well. Swam hard and finished. It also made me think about the first two lengths of our lives.

The scripture says, "Remember your Creator in the days of your youth" Age has benefits in the area of wisdom, not so much in energy and strength. Perhaps youth should press on to move the cause ahead. For the sake of the King. I am not sure what that looks like, but as I look back at the movements in days gone by, I see young men and women pressing on for the prize. That would be great to see. I am going to pray tonight that the Holy Spirit gives youth a "push" as they dive into the pool of the kingdom.