Unknown Gods

The family was in Acts 17 this morning. Paul in Athens at the Areopagus. The parenthetical comment in v 21 (NIV) "...they spent their time doing nothing but talking about and listening to the latest ideas...." caught my attention. I wonder what the equivalent would be today. What do people spend all their time talking about? What are the latest ideas?

I am sure all of you might have some similar and some dissimilar answers. I guess what struck me was that little talk is about Him and what He is doing and will do. That is why it is a great time for the Advent season to start. Over the next 30 days we will be talking about Jesus. That He came. That He rose and is active. That He will do more in and through us as is followers.

The Acts chapter also mentions Paul seeing an altar "To an unknown god." As we enter into this season, I encourage us to look around for that altar. It may have a name or, maybe it is something you have been unable to name until now. It is the other thing we worship. For me it can be approval, acceptance, success. I can spend alot of time talking about it and thinking about new ideas concerning it. So I need to repent (again) and say, "Soul, let me talk to you about Jesus!"