Night Of Worship CD is Here

Well, now there is another benefit to reading the worship well blog. For those of you reading this today (Friday or Saturday) you are the first to know that the WorshipWell CD has arrived! This is the recording we made live at Perimeter August 20th of this year. Many of you were there, part of the larger choir...and yes, we can hear you on the CD! You sound wonderful!

Now, I am going to be cautious with my remarks. I do not want to hype or oversell it. So I will simply say that it is amazing, gospel centered worship. The hearts of the worshippers that night were critical to the beauty of the worship. You worshipped well; it is beautiful and far exceeds our expectations.

So, where can you get it? The bookstore this weekend. Now. We had a release date scheduled for 12/02/06, at the Christmas Open House, but the CD came early. You know me, I am like I kid who can not wait for Christmas. So, take off and get a copy. Plug it in and enjoy.

One last thought from my heart, I especially love the voices of you, the congregation. There are a few "just your voices" moments that still cause the goose bumps to rise in my soul. And to think, this is our first project and we will get together soon to do it again!

Final note, proceeds will help fund our next you feel free to buy a few and give them out as Christmas gifts. It is the gospel in music and we were delighted to help you provide it! Blessings