We went to see the new Bond movie last night. I am thinking you can outline the plot. Bad guys, chase scenes, fights, twists and turns and romantic intrigue. Most guys I know like James Bond and maybe some of us, (as kids) thought about being him.

He is daring, forceful, knowledgeable and charming. He is the good guy and he fights evil and injustice and, all on a government salary. (He does have a nice expense account.) He is a bit amoral but seems to do what is right in the end. (I will disclaim here that sex outside of marriage is wrong).

Having said all that, I had the thought last night that he has "sold out" for his cause. What he does is who he is. He is passionate about protecting the crown and he will put himself at risk to that end. Even when he wants to quit, he knows he can not. It is his destiny to serve, so he does.

As we come to worship this weekend I wonder how you are thinking about life? Sometimes I think mine is very ordinary. Certainly not "spy novel" worthy. Then I ask myself a question, "Why not?" I am called to make disciples and to baptize them and to teach them. I am called to be a witness and a giver of life to those around me. I am an ambassaor and a soldier and an apologist for the cause of the King. I am involved in a dramatic movement.

So I need to take a long drink from the well of living waters and jump on the speeding train, take a risk, look for some evil and get dirty. Who knows I might be shakened, not stirred?